Ghost Cigarette Magic Trick!/p1996353_17408775.aspx

The performer presents a Cigarette and a small black cigarette-sized tube. He pops the Cigarette inside the tube, places the lid on and gives a little gesture. Now one of a number of things can happen!

He can say ‘Hey, why not cut down?’, at which point he can open the tube and tip out the Cigarette which has now shrank to a tiny size!

He can say ‘Hey, why don’t you just quit?’, opening the tube to show the fag has disappeared entirely!

Or why he could say ‘Just think about how much you could save if you DID quit!’, at which point he can open the tube and tip it out to reveal the Cigarette has changed into a real Money Bill!

The Ghost Cigarette is a super easy, self working trick that allows you to finish with one of a few possible outcomes, great for breaking the ice with people stood in the smoking area!

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