Gaffed Coins

Tricks with gaffed coins and trick coins.

The Bent Cigarette Magic Trick

Bend a cigarette without breaking it. Remember smoking kills so dont worry if you break a few! Learn how to do this trick now at or at and amaze your friends.

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Disappearing Box Trick

This is where I take a normal deck of card’s and turn it into a pack of cig’s right before your eye… Please subscribe, and also comment so I know what you thought of the trick Thanks…

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An awsome coin trick

hey its another great trick please comment it and rate it! and subscribe. If you have any questions on magic tricks just comment me and thanks so much for giving me your time

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Boy vs Magic #1// Magic Reveal #1// Eric Jones AGT 2017 Quarter Finals Tricks Revealed

Hey everybody this is The Alchemers again,
and today we are back at again with a new series that we wanted to start from a long time lol
So today we revealed Eric Jones Quarter Finals trick
those were some pretty easy easy tricks,
we are not saying that anybody could do it,
as a magician we know an easy trick also requires a lot of practice
we only said that those tricks were pretty easy to catch.
2 Uploads regularly DAMNNN.

8 likes and we upload a Girl Vs Magic video ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Some Magnetic Poker Chips we found,
If you want to try that trick

Music By Youtube Audio library

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Vanishing cigarette trick revealed – Magic Exposed

This particular cigarette vanish is one of my favorite magic effects. It’s a very quick and very visual magic trick. Once I show you the effect, I then show you how to learn the trick. I expose how to first how to vanish the cigarette then, reveal how to make it reappear. How do I learn to do cigarette magic? Lots more coming to

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Easy Cigarette Tricks

Here are some easy and simple tricks you can do to impress your friends…

1st part: Clint Mansell and Cronos Quartet – Requiem for A Dream

2nd part: The Human Beinz – Nobody But Me

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