Gaffed Coins

Tricks with gaffed coins and trick coins.

Strange facts #807

Strange facts #807:

●Loneliness interrupts our sleep pattern causing both the mind and body to develop symptoms of insomnia.
● According to a new study, about a third of cancer deaths in American men and a quarter in women are linked to cigarette smoking.
● The 15-minute chimes on Big Ben have lyrics: ‘All through this hour, Lord be my guide, And by Thy power, No foot shall slide.’
● A German Shepherd guard dog in a Belgrade Zoo once fought and defeated an escaped jaguar, saving the life of a zoo employee.
● Women look their oldest every Wednesday at 3:30 PM.
● On the real Titanic, the band actually did stay on the ship, playing music as it went down — They all died.
● Disappointment and pain is linked to emotional numbness. A person can be hurt to the point in which they no longer feel anything.
● Over thinking can literally make you insane, causing a mental breakdown.
● If you have no debts and in your pocket, you have more wealth than 25% of Americans.
● Chocolate can be used to cure a sore throat.

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Bandini – If That’s The Way It Goes [Audio]

I’ve been drawing self portraits. in an old notebook
my face always looks the same. like a man down on his luck
my friends they say to me. I’ve a face with a certain charm
that when i walk into a room. i bring a certain calm.

you saw me in the street. tuesday about half eight
i tried to cross the road. but it was just too late
you asked what i was up to. as if you were concerned
but you were only waiting. till the question was returned

hey ho thats just the way it goes
i know why I’m here

its a quarter to midnight. on the last train home
i waiting all night. to play one or two songs
a few too many to drink. fluffed most of my lines
and I’ve got no ticket. i hope the train conductor is kind

who needs convincing. just me myself and i
so now i just don’t bother. at least not most of the time
so if i start to question. or I’ve a conflict within
i know that either way. I’m always going to win

hey ho thats just the way it goes
i know why I’m here

the people just got uglier. the more beautiful they became
as if they were hiding. as if they were ashamed
we are all afraid. to be seen at our worse.
every move now is tested. every line first rehearsed.

i just get so baffled. when i look down through my wall
if i was less self obsessed. id paint over it all
but i have just got to know. your position and your place
compare myself to you. then leave without a trace

hey ho thats just the way it goes
i know why I’m here

i always get more impatient. the closer something gets
like a child at christmas. the smokers next cigarette
then i remember. what you once said to me
everything is just how. everything is meant to be

we all have our reasons. for the direction we are swayed
sometimes i take soda. sometimes its lemonade
when it comes down to it. its how i feel at the time
I’ve never looked far ahead to this future of mine

hey ho thats just the way it goes
i know why I’m here

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Ali Azimi – Pishdaramad

Moshkelam bakhte bad o talkhie ayam nist —————– My problem is not the bad luck and bitterness of my days
Moshkelam pushundane pineye dastam nist —————- My problem is not hiding my swollen overworked hands
Moshkelam nun nist ab nist bargh nist ———————– My problem is not bread, not water, not electricity bills
Moshkelam shekastane telesme tanhayist ——————- My problem is breaking the spell of loneliness
Asheghunast yek ruzi ham hal mishe ————————- It’s romantic and one day it would be solved
Ya ke az baresh zanuye man kham mishe ——————- Or one day my knees may lean from its burden
Zenhar! Zenhar! ————————————————- Oh quarter! quarter!

Ke man bad misham miram tu muhat ———————— because I’d become wind and go through your hair
Harf misham miram tu gushat ———————————- I’d become words and go to your ears
Fekr misham miram tu kallat ———————————— I’d become a thought and go to your head
Man benz misham miram zire pat —————————– I’d become a Mercedes Benz and go under your feet
Faghr misham miram tu jibat ———————————— I’d become poverty and go into your pockets
Gorg misham miram tu gallat ———————————– I’d become a wolf and go into your flock

Sad ta tarafdar dari ———————————————— You’ve got hundreds of fans
Hame to ro dust daran o —————————————– everybody loves you and
Zehne gerftar dari ————————————————–Your mind is obsessed
Dametam garm —————————————————– Good job!
Dametam garm —————————————————– Good job!
Dametam garm —————————————————– Good job!

Nazdik misham dur misham ————————————– I get close and get far maybe
Balke maghbul darin rahe por az estres o vasleye najur besham ——- I’d be accepted in this stressful and inappropriate road
Ine ghessam ———————————————————– This is my story!
Ine ghessam ———————————————————– This is my story!
Ine ghessam ———————————————————– This is my story!

Man bargh misham miram tu cheshmat ————————– I’d become a glint and go into your eyes
Ashk misham miram ru gunat ————————————- I’d become a tear and fall from your cheeks
Zolf misham miyam ru shunat ————————————- I’d become hair and fall on your shoulders
Man bad misham miram tu muhat ——————————— I’d become wind and go through your hair
Sigar misham miram ru labhat ————————————- I’d become a cigarette and rest on your lips
Dud misham miram tu riyat —————————————– I’d become smoke and go to your lungs
Ey bakht soraghe man biya! —————————————- Oh fate! come to me since
Ke rakhtekhabe man ba in khiyale khamam garm nemishe ——- My bed wouldn’t get warm with this reverie of mine

Bi hesab asraramo hey dad zadam ——————————– Groundless, my secrets, I shouted them, shouted them
Bi dalil ehsasamo faryad zadam ———————————- Unduly, my feelings, I screamed them, screamed them
Heyf az un ruzayi ke be f**k zadam —————————— Alas to those days that I f***d around

Nazdik misham dur misham ————————————– I get close and get far maybe
Balke maghbul darin rahe por az estres o vasleye najur besham ——- I’d be accepted in this stressful and inappropriate road
Ine ghessam ———————————————————– This is my story!
Ine ghessam ———————————————————– This is my story!
Ine ghessam ———————————————————– This is my story!

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Is There A Pimple Cure?

How can you prevent pimples?
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Toronto, ON, M5S2S6 Questions And Answers About Acne Skin surface lipid composition, acne, pubertal development, and urinary excretion of testosterone and 17-ketosteroids in children. Pigmentation in Comedones The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and immune-mediated inflammation. Propionibacterium acnes strain populations in the human skin microbiome associated with acne. Salicylic Acid Advancement in benzoyl peroxide-based acne treatment: methods to increase both efficacy and tolerability.

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Why Passive Smoking Is More Injurious Than Active Smoking?

13 nov 2015 when non smokers are exposed to shs it’s called involuntary smoking or passive smoking. Is passive smoking harmful? Health questions nhs choices. It contains nicotine as well various carcinogens and toxins 23 oct 2015 is passive smoking more harmful than active smoking? Most of us know that injurious to health but do we can the inhalation smoke, called second hand smoke (shs), or environmental tobacco (ets), by persons other intended ‘active’ smoker. The smoke that passes through the filter of cigarette 19 jul 2013 passive smoking was more dangerous than active. But passive smoking is just not. Active smoker is affected more than the passive why smoking said to be injurious actual active better smoking? Quora. Health and fitness passive smoking is more harmful than active career ride. I am sure you have heard those sayings that passive smoking is more dangerous than active because in smoking, inhale 27 may 2014 worse ‘the fume burns off the end of a cigarette or cigar actually contains harmful substances smoke inhaled i completely agree to fact and should be overall banned. This means active smoking is more dangerous to health than breathing in. Passive smoking is more dangerous’ karnataka the hindu. The smoke that passes through the filter of. The smoke coming out from the cigarette tip is more dangerous than inhaled. Why passive smoking is harmful for your children health the all about difference between active and smokingcancer research uk. It is a very sad reality that you 15 dec 2005 the smoke coming out from cigarette tip more dangerous than inhaled. That is, when according to some studies, second hand smoke can be more harmfulbreathing in secondhand is also referred as passive smoking. In the united states passive smoke is estimated to cause more than 7,000 scientific consensus that exposure second hand harmful 31 aug 2011 smoking (the of cigar or cigarette person) as injurious and carcinogenic active. Sidestream smoke is about 4 times more toxic than mainstream smoke, secondhand 1 less bad smoking yourself. Second hand smoke is particularly dangerous for children. The secondhand smoke inhaled by passive smokers is a mixture of exhaled and directly released from smouldering tobacco. Secondhand smoke (shs) has the same harmful chemicals that smokers it more than 7,000 chemicals, including at least 70 can this time, but health risks of ths are an active area research passive smoking damage your body because secondhand contains 4,000 many which irritants and toxins, some 28 sep 2016 a cigarette 250 carcinogenic cancer is 50 times for compared to concentrations nicotine, tar carbon monoxide, three major substances in cigarettes, double mainstream smoke, 4 aug increase non smoker’s risk getting lung by quarter. Passive smoking vs active smokingpassive is as dangerous and injurious to health v s passive which more harmful? Health risks of secondhand smoke american cancer society. Googleusercontent search. Is passive smoking really mo

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How To Float Things Without Strings! MAGIC REVEALED!

No Thread? No Problem! Learn how to make objects levitate in an impromptu fashion using everyday items and no expensive gimmicks in this Free Magic Revealed Tutorial by Mike St. Clair ScreamfreakRewind! No invisible thread needed! T4BA!
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Soft Coins Magic Trick by Tenyo

Three borrowed coins are placed into a plastic case. A small sheet of paper is placed over the coins and the lid is closed. Three pencils are thrust through the case and penetrate the solid coins! When the paper is pulled out, the coins can still be seen, right where the pencils were pushed through the case. EVERYTHING can be examined.

Original Tenyo!

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How Indonesia’s Kids Are Getting Hooked On Cigarettes

Indonesia has one of the highest rates of male smokers in the world. 60% of the men smoke and take up the habit as young as two years of age.

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