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Sleight of Hand 101 | Refined (Beginner)

An in-depth tutorial on the card trick known as Refined by Josh Brand

The Cardini Change:
TG Murphy’s Deck Flip:

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Don’t Miss This MIND BLOWING Impromptu Card Trick!

This is a really amazing no set up card trick that will get great reactions from your spectators. I definitely recommend giving this one a try. If you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe for more card and magic trick videos. Thanks for watching!

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Outjogged Double Lift Visual Effect Tutorial

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A great visual effect for any double lift routines.


Un gran efecto visual para cualquier rutina de levantamiento doble con cartas.

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Card Robbers Trick Tutorial | Vienna Vlog & Giveaway!

Card Robbers Trick Tutorial in Vienna! Get ready to watch new magic, learn some cool tricks and explore Europe with Magician DJ.
Day 8 of the Europe Magic Vlogs covers the Vienna Opera House, few spots in Vienna, a funny phone call & ends with the Card Trick Tutorial!

Magic Tricks:
7:30 Card Robbers card trick – Performance & Tutorial
0:05 Sponge ball Production
1:22 Card Throw Change
4:33 Hot Shot Cut
4:51 Wand from Pocket
5:11 Redbull Production
6:48 Appearing Silk trick

Other Highlights:
1:31 Vienna Opera House montage
5:52 Sayantan’s Phone Call
3:11 ProTip of the Day
4:00 My Favorite Joke of the Vlog
3:08 Cool Transition

10:27 Giveaway rules: Like, Subscribe & Comment your favorite part from today’s vlog. Winners will be announced on 27th August, 2017.

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Connect with DJ on —

Hope you enjoy Day 8 of the Europe Vlog with the Card Robbers Card Trick Tutorial in Vienna.

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WOW Your Audience With This Color Changing Card Trick!

20% off for my in-depth beginner course! –

My Favorite Decks! –
• Fire Deck:
• Best Card Trick Deck:
• Artisan Deck:
• Theory 11 Monarchs:
• Classic Bicycle Cards:

Alright guys, so today I’m showing you a really awesome color changing card trick that you can do to amaze your spectators. Don’t forget to check out my collab with my friend Carson the link will be below! Hope you all enjoy the video and as always thanks for watching!

My Equipment! –
• Blue Card Mat:
• Camera:
• Lights:

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Learn how to perform this amazing sandwich card trick!!! This trick is called the New Sandwich by Harry Lorayne. It is an absolutely mind blowing trick and will leave spectators baffled! I would consider this an Intermediate card trick since there is a good deal to remember and amount of work to do, but its still worth it!! Go out and perform!!!

False Shuffle Tutorial:

Double Lift Tutorial:

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There are many cool sleights, flourishes, magic tricks, card tricks, card cheating techniques and so much more coming soon. Make sure to keep up with all the content!

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