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Levitating Magic Rising Card Trick! (How to do Easy Party Trick!!)

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Seriously This Card Trick Will Blow Your Mind!

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Alright guys, so today I’m featuring the Ministry of Magic channel on mine. I hope you all enjoy his trick as much as I did! Also, hurricane Irma is passing over Florida at the time of this upload so I’m sure when my next video will be. Don’t forget to check out his channel and thanks for watching!

Ministry of Magic –

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Super false cut which retains the top paclet middle and bottom packet in same order as before…learn this to maintain the order of the deck. …and u can do magic tricks which includes false cuts…subscribe for more

HTTP// noelsengdan

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You’ll be able to present this extremely mysterious card trick as a demonstration of HYPNOSIS! It’s just so inexplicable and convincing. Learn the secrets TODAY.

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also fooled Penn and Teller on the tv show ‘FOOL US’ and made Toronto’s CN
Tower vanish! Learn fun magic and mentalism tricks from one of the world’s
most experienced performers and teachers. Jay uploads new tutorial videos,
comedy videos, and cartoons every week. Learn the secrets to card tricks,
coin tricks, mentalism and psychic tricks. Jay also reveals the secrets to
his favorite, easy to do street magic tricks!

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NO SETUP – Card Tricks | TheRussianGenius

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Thank you Stephen for teaching me the fat-double-lift card trick!

Links I used in this video:

Jay Nation – Dan&Dave:
** I learned 2nd version of doublelift moves shown in this video. It was my very first doublelift lesson.

Stephen Hammer – Fat Double Lift:
** It didn’t look natural to me until I practiced learning a single-lift the sameway. Now it looks very natural to me.

Xavior Spade – Pinky Count and Stewart Gordon Doublelift

** When my pinky heals up, I will try to exercise pinky counts again.

#askVinh about doublelift (@ 59.28 minutes) –
** Additionally I need to frequently visit Vinh’s:

Other inspiring Links regarding doublelift:

52Kard – 2 Cards Push Over
** When my pinky heals up, I would like to learn this doublelift. It looks most natural to me.

TheRussianGenius – Push Off Double:
** This looks cool After my pinky heal, maybe I will get ambitious???

SankeyMagic – Get Ready, Bulletproof, Strike Through, and Waterwheel doublelift
** This man teaches nuances slight-of-hand that I never even thought about.

An anti-inspiring link regarding doublelift

Shin Lim –
** Shin Lim says, doublelift is out. Everyone knows it because of 52Kard. 🙂 Glad to know there is an option. I could learn it later.

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Card Trick Revealed – False Faro Shuffle – Triumph V4

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-Prannay Budhraja

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Faro Shuffle Tutorial here:

Card Control (Decepticut):

Secret Turn Over (Revolution):

This is a great and amazing false shuffle worth the practice.


Freely you have received; freely give (Matthew 10:8)

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