Harry Houdini the Great and Powerful ch 4,5,6

“Magic is the sole science not accepted by scientists, because they can’t understand it.”
-Ehrich Weiss (aka, Harry Houdini).


One night in the city of Manehattan, the magician known as “The Great and Powerful Trixie” has moved on with her new life in her newly successful magic show. It was during this night that a certain Spirit of Chaos was spotted by the Stage Director, but he left mysteriously as he’d appeared.

After the show has been set up for the next night, Trixie walks to her apartment during an unscheduled storm which, passing an empty lot in the city’s neighborhoods, lightning struck that spot where a new theater appeared. Holding posters and a sign in lights with a very odd name.

“The Great Harry Houdini: Master of Mystery.”

By, CrackedInkwell


Art by Prince Celestia

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Houdini Water Torture Cell

Last night of Houdini’s water torture cell for Beachstreet USA. Goodluck to Krendl with the show The Illusionists 1903!

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“Houdini” on Spiritualism

Here’s a short clip from the 1998 film HOUDINI. Here Harry (Johnathon Schaech) articulates his stance on Spiritualism. It’s much more extreme than Houdini’s actual position, and he also gets the date of his mother’s death wrong (it was July 17, not the 16th). Still, I like how this movie took a dramatic timeout to allow a lecture from Houdini on “the lowest form of life.”

HOUDINI is available on DVD from the Warner Archive Collection.


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Houdini Magic Locked Deck

A card is selected by a spectator and the spectator holds and locks the deck with a ring, never letting the cards out of his hands. A magic pass is given by the magician, and the spectator fans through the cards face up, card by card. The card has vanished! It can be found in the card case that was in full view, or wherever!

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Inspired by the legend of Houdini, this impossible magic trick happens in the spectator’s own hand! This unusual and startling magic trick is available exclusively at SankeyMagic.com. Order yours today. http://bit.ly/2iP1LmE

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TOP 20 Harry Houdini Quotes

TOP 20 Harry Houdini Quotes.
Wallpapers – https://quotefancy.com/harry-houdini-quotes

“My Brain is the key that sets me free.”
— Harry Houdini (00:00)

“Anyone who believes in magic is a fool.”
— Harry Houdini (00:07)

“I always have on my mind the thought that next year I must do something greater, something more wonderful.”
— Harry Houdini (00:14)

“I’m tired of fighting.”
— Harry Houdini (00:21)

“No prison can hold me; no hand or leg irons or steel locks can shackle me. No ropes or chains can keep me from my freedom.”
— Harry Houdini (00:28)

“No performer should attempt to bite off red-hot iron unless he has a good set of teeth.”
— Harry Houdini (00:35)

“Some say I do it this way, others say I do it that way, but I say I do it the other way.”
— Harry Houdini (00:42)

“Look at this life – all mystery and magic.”
— Harry Houdini (00:49)

“Never tell the auidience how good you are, they will soon find out for themselves.”
— Harry Houdini (00:56)

“An old trick well done is far better than a new trick with no effect.”
— Harry Houdini (01:03)

“My chief task has been to conquer fear. The public sees only the thrill of the accomplished trick; they have no conception of the tortuous preliminary self-training that was necessary to conquer fear.”
— Harry Houdini (01:10)

“A magician is only an actor – an actor pretending to be a magician.”
— Harry Houdini (01:17)

“I’m tired of fighting, Dash. I guess this thing is going to get me.”
— Harry Houdini (01:24)

“The secret of showmanship consists not of what you really do, but what the mystery-loving public thinks you do.”
— Harry Houdini (01:31)

“Keep up your enthusiasm! There is nothing more contagious than exuberant enthusiasm.”
— Harry Houdini (01:38)

“Only one man ever betrayed my confidence, and that only in a minor matter.”
— Harry Houdini (01:45)

“Magic is the sole science not accepted by scientists, because they can’t understand it.”
— Harry Houdini (01:52)

“The great day of the Fire-eater – or, should I say, the day of the great Fire-eater – has passed.”
— Harry Houdini (01:59)

“They do tricks even I can’t figure out.”
— Harry Houdini (02:06)

“Pickpockets either work alone or in pairs, or what is called a mob.”
— Harry Houdini (02:13)

Music credit: Easy Day – Kevin MacLeod

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How did Harry Houdini die

Daniel Hechtman , MD Brooklyn, NY, Pediatric Surgery
Medical School:Washington University School of Medicine
Residency:Brigham and Womens Hospital
Fellowship :Children’s Hospital of New York

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