[Doku] Houdini Spiel mit dem Tod

Das Spiel mit dem Tod – DOKU 2016 NEU in HD Für mehr neue Dokumentationen (Dokus) und Reportagen (Filme, Bildungsfilme) bitte Doku Planet 2016 .

Tennie Model – Die Wahrheit über das Model Business DOKU 2016 NEU in HD Für mehr neue Dokumentationen (Dokus) und Reportagen (Filme, . Das Spiel .

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Harry Houdini the Great and Powerful ch 15,16,17,18

“Magic is the sole science not accepted by scientists, because they can’t understand it.”
-Ehrich Weiss (aka, Harry Houdini).


One night in the city of Manehattan, the magician known as “The Great and Powerful Trixie” has moved on with her new life in her newly successful magic show. It was during this night that a certain Spirit of Chaos was spotted by the Stage Director, but he left mysteriously as he’d appeared.

After the show has been set up for the next night, Trixie walks to her apartment during an unscheduled storm which, passing an empty lot in the city’s neighborhoods, lightning struck that spot where a new theater appeared. Holding posters and a sign in lights with a very odd name.

“The Great Harry Houdini: Master of Mystery.”

By, CrackedInkwell


Art by Prince Celestia

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Magic Tricks Illusions 1930s Trading Cards – Harry Houdini

The newly resurrected Harry Houdini introduces the following magical cigarette card extravaganza ( eBay #230156939982 ):

Manufacturer: Carreras
Series Title: Amusing Tricks and How To Do Them
Year Of Issue: 1937
Card Size: normal
Complete Set: yes
Number of Cards Offered: 50 cards

Includes: To Lengthen a Handkerchief,Thread Will Not Burn,Squares and Triangles,The Vanishing Coin,The Wandering Rubber Band,The Spoon Dances,Where’s The Coin,Spotting The Card,The Jumping Card,The Wandering Ring,The Sugar Torch,Walk Through Postcard,Restoring, Burnt Thread,Name Unseen Colours,Unbreakable Match,Bewitched Walking-Stick,The Magic Matches,The Balancing Coin,The Wandering Pen,Card Magic,Vanishing Threepenny-Bit,Telling Time By Clairvoyance,Find The Coin By Touch,Lift Three Matches With One,The, Weeping Pencil,Handkerchief From Match Box,Rescuing a Submerged Coin,Rejoining Torn Paper,Matter Through Matter,A Mathematical Mystery,The Ghostly Gathering,A Flying Egg,Handerchief Holds Water,A Divided Apple,Tinfoil Will Burn,Finding The Chosen Card,, Unspillable Match Box,Coin and Needle Trick,To Eat a Candle,Restoring a Broken Bootlace,The Magic Matchbox,The Magic Numbers,A Match Joke,A Writing Trick,The Rope Handcuff,Orange From a Ball of Wool,Four Kings Take a Journey,The Unwinding Trick,A Bluff, Card Trick,The Extra Cigarette,
Magic Tricks,Magic Memorabilia

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Harry Houdini card trick – LittleManMagic

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