Houdini II Buried Alive (1949)

Full title reads: “Houdini II Buried Alive (Exclusive)”.

Cobham, Surrey. Escapologist Alan Alan attempts to escape from a freshly dug grave – he fails and has to be rescued.

CU Escapologist Alan Alan’s hands being tied. SV Alan walking to hole and jumping down. He kneels down in hole. SV Man presses cardboard over Alan. SV Alan’s agent and another man throwing earth into hole. MV Man shovelling earth into hole pan down to earth falling onto cardboard and Alan. CU Alan’s agent shovelling earth pan down to hole. SV Men stamping down earth pan down to man’s feet. CU Man’s feet stamping down earth. Man steps back and uses spade to flatten earth.

CU Man holding lifeline pan down to lifeline protruding from earth pan to hard earth on top of hole. CU. Man looking at watch. He speaks to Alan’s agent. CU Men start digging out hole. Pan to shovels at work. SV Back view men digging out Alan. CU Alan’s agent sticking shovel pole through mould. Pan to other men digging. SV Back view men digging out hole. Man making air hole with handle of spade. CU Alan’s agent looking down. CU Men digging with hands.

CU Hands removing mould from around Alan’s body. SV Men leaning over hole trying to free Alan. CU Hands trying to move Alan’s arm in hole. CU One of the party. SV Alan being held by arms as they pull him out of hole. SV Pressmen.

SV Alan lying on side with head on edge of hole having neck massaged. CU Assistant rubbing his neck. CU Worried man looking on. SV Alan being lifted out of hole and sat on edge. SV Press cameramen. SV Alan sitting on edge of hole with coat round him. CU Alan.
FILM ID:1425.08


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La strana morte di Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini e Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: amici e nemici nel nome dello spiritismo. Alcuni estratti dal programma di Carlo Lucarelli “Almost True”, con Massimo Polidoro, dedicati a indagare sul complesso rapporto tra i due…

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Magic Show Music (Short) – “Here Comes Harry Houdini”

I struggle finding music for my magic show, so I decided to make my own and share it with you. I’ll make many more magic-focused songs in the future. I make short (2.5mins), medium(4.5mins), and long(+6.5mins) songs. This one is a short one for your intro or a fast trick. Feel free to use it for your show, i just ask that you give some credit and maybe share a vid of you using it (I like to see how it is working 🙂 ). I’ll upload a soundcloud link so you can download it for yourself (without the intro I put in this video). Thank you.
You Make the Magic Happen .~DJinard

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