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David Blaine and all his best tricks!

How David Blaine Pulled Off His Magic Frog Trick !!

About two weeks ago this magic trick performed by David Blaine went viral. Hi impressed celebrities like Drake, Steph Curry and Dave Chappelle by regurgitaing frogs. This trick isn’t really new and like vox points out “not magic at all”. And now this video has gotten over 160.000 views within a day. Viral magic!

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David Blaine’s magic tricks send Jimmy Fallon into a giggle fit

They’re just simple card tricks— right? Magician extraordinaire David Blaine stopped by The Tonight Show Friday to give Jimmy Fallon and The Roots a little lesson on how to turn a deck of cards into an all out magic show.

The host played guinea pig first, pulling a “simple” five-card hand from a normal deck of cards. Asking Fallon to “think of any one of those cards,” Blaine then begins to name each card in the host’s hand. “I don’t know you just did that!” said Fallon.

For his next trick, Blaine simply asks Fallon to name any card in the deck, and if it should be “first or second.” Fallon’s chosen nine of diamonds does, in fact, appear out of the deck in the order he requested. Fallon and the house band are sent into fits of laughter and disbelief at this point, but the magician is just getting started.

Blaine will be transfixing TV audiences once again in David Blaine: Beyond Magic, airing Nov. 15 on ABC. Emma Stone, Johnny Depp, and Drake are only a few of the celebrities Blaine will shock on his upcoming TV special.

Watch the full set of card tricks above.

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I Was Shot David Blaine

David Blaine, one of the masters of illusion, escape and acrobatics proves how Miguel Caballero is a guarantee to save lives.

#IWasShotByMiguelCaballero #ForRealLifeHeroes

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David Blaine magic or witchcraft??

10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

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