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Recent MAGIC Tricks Gone WRONG!

Check out these recent magic tricks gone wrong! This top 10 list of magic tricks fails from even the best magicians like david blaine and criss angel shows that a magic trick doesn’t always turn out as planned!

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10. Spencer Horsman
Spencer Horsman is a magician and escape artist who performed on the 7th season of America’s Got Talent. During a rehearsal for a subsequent show, things went horribly wrong. He had landed a role as a supporting act to Criss Angel’s new show in 2015, where he would be performing the famed water torture escape routine. He had made it big time!
He later admitted that it was his ego that had allowed him to push the trick too far, and lead to a close call with death.
The water torture escape routine is always scary. Surrounded by 25 feet worth of chain and a dozen padlocks, time is limited to escape while you are trapped underwater. By the fourth minute, Spencer had 2 locks left to go, but he blacked out. It was left to Criss Angel himself to leap on top of the suspended tank to help open it, and luckily managed to free the performer before any long lasting damage was done. Horsman went on to make a full recovery, and was successfully performing the act in the show a few days later.

9. Knife Throwing Trick
This famous old trick is either performed by an expert knife thrower, or done with the use of a rigged back board. With the way that this trick went wrong, it’s clear that neither of those things was relevant on this occasion.
This all happened in Lithuania’s Got Talent. After the usual showmanship, the knife thrower’s first knife hits its target as intended. The second knife seems to hit a little too close to the assistant’s finger for comfort. In fact, it slices his finger and blood starts to drop, but he lets the act continue. Things become more frightening as knives fall and another finger is almost hit, but it’s when the watermelon is placed on the assistant’s head that things get truly frightening. The first knife is on target, but the second goes into the board against his head, smacking him with the handle. Remember, this is all on live TV! The audience and assistant are relieved when the act comes to an end, and when the judges are giving their verdicts, the knife thrower can be seen wiping away some of the specks of blood with his shoe to try to cover up his mistakes.

8. Dave Allen’s Duck Cannon
The “Got Talent” shows have given people from all around the world a chance to show their skills on a high profile stage, but it doesn’t exactly go well for everyone. Dave Allen was performing on the British version of the show, when his act fell into disarray.
Things were difficult to begin with, as the audience didn’t react well to him placing Domino the Duck into a cannon, but following the explosion, and the magicians move to reveal the duck on the other side of the stage, there was a prop malfunction. Audience members began to laugh because, the performer couldn’t see that the original duck had escaped from the confines beneath the cannon and was walking across the stage. When Allen reveals the second duck in the cage, it was too late. He rushed back to capture the original duck and place them both offstage, but unsurprisingly he didn’t make it through to the next round. I bet he still has nightmares about that night.

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