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so my best friend randomly texted me the other day that she saw a magic kit on sale on amazon and thought I’d be interested because she knows me and my ways and that reminded me that I had THIS CRISS ANGEL mindfreak kit so I HAD TO USE IT especially today since he is getting his star on the hollywood walk of fame, also this is an insane run on sentence. Hope you enjoyed my tricks but

thank you for reading this and caring about my mindfreakz m/eow

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Criss Angel – Turn Barbie Doll Into Real Girl

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Criss Turns A Barbie Doll Into A Real Girl In The Episode That He Helps Sick And Poor Children Get Gifts For Christmas

Well, first of all the girls are in on the trick, cause if you saw a woman pop out of dollhouse that was empty exept for the doll Criss’d put on moments before, you would freak out. Those girls were just like…:”Wow” and thats all.

When he was talking to the three girls and arranging them and all, it was zoomed in on the girls and you could barely see the house, so the woman crawled in while that was happening.

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