Card Robbers Trick Tutorial | Vienna Vlog & Giveaway!

Card Robbers Trick Tutorial in Vienna! Get ready to watch new magic, learn some cool tricks and explore Europe with Magician DJ.
Day 8 of the Europe Magic Vlogs covers the Vienna Opera House, few spots in Vienna, a funny phone call & ends with the Card Trick Tutorial!

Magic Tricks:
7:30 Card Robbers card trick – Performance & Tutorial
0:05 Sponge ball Production
1:22 Card Throw Change
4:33 Hot Shot Cut
4:51 Wand from Pocket
5:11 Redbull Production
6:48 Appearing Silk trick

Other Highlights:
1:31 Vienna Opera House montage
5:52 Sayantan’s Phone Call
3:11 ProTip of the Day
4:00 My Favorite Joke of the Vlog
3:08 Cool Transition

10:27 Giveaway rules: Like, Subscribe & Comment your favorite part from today’s vlog. Winners will be announced on 27th August, 2017.

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Hope you enjoy Day 8 of the Europe Vlog with the Card Robbers Card Trick Tutorial in Vienna.

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