Magical Turnover Card Trick – TUTORIAL | TheRussianGenius

A cool trick where a card magically turns face up inside the deck by simply snapping your fingers. You’ll learn two different methods on how to accomplish this card trick and when done correctly then this card trick can amaze your friends and family!

Learn the Clipshift from Alex Pandrea

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How David Blaine barfs frogs

Blaine’s new frog trick isn’t magic at all.

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Anti Gravity Coin Magic Trick – Learn Easy Coin Tricks – Coins Across – magic with money


Trick 8 Coin Magic Trick. (CLICK SHOW MORE)
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About This Easy Coin Magic Trick
Coin magic is very popular as everyone carries a few coins around with them so a good coin trick can be done almost anywhere. In this easy coin magic trick the magician borrows 4 coins of equal value from the audience. The coins are placed into the magician’s hands when suddenly one of the coins seems to travel in time and space by disappearing from one hand and magically appearing in the illusionist’s other hand.
This is a magical coin illusion that anyone can do. This simple coin trick requires no practice so you can focus all of your attention on the presentation of the magic.
Full graphics download and instructions on how to do this simple coin magic trick with performance tips can be downloaded on the Magic Tricks For Kids website. (LINK BELOW)
_______________________________________________________________________ MORE EASY TO DO MAGIC TRICKS

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The Magic of David Copperfield X- Appearing Poultry

Earlier in the show, David switched the heads of a duck & chicken. Here is the resolve, as he makes them re-appear back to normal, along with a few more surprises.

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Back in ’93, Miss Allegro & Kidd Fixxitt were the hosts for KHTV’s Disney Afternoon. In January of that year, Miss Allegro & Kidd traveled to Disneyland for the opening of Disney’s Toon Town attraction. This is the fun stuff that happened between the “good” takes. Includes short appearance by HARRY ANDERSON of Night Court fame. Note: Brendan Jones, who played Kidd, now authors “Breakfast of the Gods” on Here’s the link;

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