David Copperfield On Terror Train- Card Manipulation & Lady Levitation

Here is one of the best scenes of David Copperfield’s magic in the movie “Terror Train” starring Jamie Lee Curtis. He demonstrates his skills with cards, than proceeds to levitate a lady, than making her vanish.

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Learn the BEST CARD TRICK EVER using a Resealed a Deck

Open and Reseal a deck of cards and create some of the most amazing mind blowing card tricks. This tutorial shows an Amazing easy variation of the Lucky Backflip card trick with a very powerful kicker ending using a sealed deck of cards.

Original Lucky Backflip card trick tutorial was a little confusing and many spectator have had difficulty selecting and cutting the cards behind their back. This is an easier alternative with a more powerful finish. Original Tutorial http://www.thecardtrickteacher.com/card-trick-video.php?v=9914

For the best card tricks and card trick tutorial VIDEOS please click my website http://www.thecardtrickteacher.com

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John Thompson Magic “The Great Tomsoni”- Coins Through Table

“The Great Thompsoni”, shares a coins through table routine from the “International Magician’s Society” video library.

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How To Make Coins In MUT 17! | Madden 17 Ultimate Team – 5 Tips To Get You Started

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In this video, I let you know 5 easy tips to get your MUT team off the ground in Madden NFL 17. These tips should help you build a solid amount of coins right when the game comes out on Tuesday, August 23! How are you planning to make coins in the new game?

Subscribe to my channel for Great Madden 17 Ultimate Team videos including MUT 17 Pack Openings and MUT 17 Head To Head Seasons Live Gameplay Commentaries!

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Puncture 2.0 by Alex Linian – magictricks.co.uk

http://www.magictricks.co.uk – When PUNCTURE first hit the streets it was the single most astonishing Pen-through-Coin that anyone had ever experienced. Thousands of performances later, Alex has taken the Puncture handling to the 2.0 level of extreme puncture-proof joy!

A BORROWED QUARTER held at your fingertips is VISIBLY PUNCTURED by a normal pen…leaving it shish-ka-bobbed onto the pen. The borrowed coin is in FULL VIEW as the pen tip contacts the coin. The visual illusion is 100% oh-my-god perfect.

But NOW you can immediately RESTORE THE COIN! It remains in full view at your fingertips and INSTANTLY HEALS as the pen is pulled out! The normal coin and pen can immediately be handed to the spectator.

The borrowed quarter can even be INITIALED by the spectator!
Puncture 2.0 includes a variety of handlings for every skill level..

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