How to Palm a Coin | Coin Tricks

How to Palm a Coin | Coin Tricks: These are my Top & Easy Coin Magic Tricks that you can do wherever you are, I hope you like them 🙂

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3 Way Sandwich

this is the second card trick of the amzing group called amazing magicans please enjoy please subscribe and comment rate

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David Blaine ALMOST KILLED Himself in a water 2016 – Beyond Magic

David Blaine ALMOST KILLED Himself in a water 2016 – Beyond Magic.
David Blaine (born David Blaine White; April 4, 1973) is an American magician, illusionist and endurance artist. He is best known for his high-profile feats of endurance, and has set and broken several world records.
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Blaine’s first television special, Street Magic, has been called “the best TV magic special ever done and the biggest breakthrough in our lifetime”. Blaine revolutionized the way magic is shown on television by focusing on spectator reactions. His idea was to turn the camera around on the people watching instead of the performer, to make the audience watch the audience. The New York Times noted that “he’s taken a craft that’s been around for hundreds of years and done something unique and fresh with it.” According to the New York Daily News, “Blaine can lay claim to his own brand of wizardry. The magic he offers operates on an uncommonly personal level.
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Funny Magician in india.Comedy Jadugar.funny jadugar Anshul Jain.जादूगर. comedy magic

Funny Magician in india. comedy Jadugar.funny jadugar Anshul Jain.जादूगर. comedy magic
Anshul Jain- The Most Famous Magician from Mumbai, India. जादू जादूगर.
Magician: A stage magician or illusionist, who performs stage magic by creating the illusion of impossible or supernatural feats.

Humans have always been obsessed with the supernatural, including magic. Certain people have been able to use this to make a career for themselves, becoming world famous (and of course super-rich). Here are the Six greatest magicians of all time.

#6. David Blaine : David Blaine became famous in the late 90’s through his show, “Street Magic.” His show was unique for showing street magic up-close, as well as Blaine’s ultra-cool style throughout his tricks. He then made a name for himself as an endurance artist. Blaine has been buried alive (a stunt his idol Houdini planned on performing before his death in 1926) for a week, frozen in an ice block for 63 hours (a world record at the time), stood on a 100-foot high pillar without any harnesses for 35 hours, gone 44 days in a glass box without any food or nutrients, spun in a gyroscope for 16 hours, hung upside down for 60 hours, and most recently, spent 72 hours with one million volts of electrical discharge aimed at his body.

#5. Siegfried and Roy : German magician Siegfried Fishbacher and exotic animal trainer Roy Horn immigrated to the United States and combined their talents to form a unique magic act featuring white tigers and lions. From 1990 to 2003, they had a show at The Mirage in Las Vegas, which was regarded as the most visited Vegas show. In 2003, Horn was bitten by one of his tigers on the neck while performing. He suffered large blood loss and a quarter of his skull was removed as doctors tried to save his life. He eventually was able to talk and walk again in 2006. However, The Mirage canceled the show in the meantime, and the duo officially announced their retirement in 2010.

#4. Criss Angel : Cristopher Nicholas Sarantakos (no wonder he choose a stage name) is relatively knew to the magic scene. His show, Criss Angel: Mindfreak premiered on the A&E Network in 2005. It ran until 2010, with six seasons, and earned the magician worldwide fame. Some of his most famous stunts were walking between two buildings before a crowd in Las Vegas, cutting himself in half, and walking on water. Angel was able to gain fame through his edgy personality and numerous levitation tricks. He also performed in a illusion show in 2008 called Criss Angel: Believe, which was in partnership with Cirque Soleil.

#3. Penn and Teller : Penn Jillete and Raymond Teller became famous as the duo “Penn and Teller” in the late 80’s. Their humorous magic fascinated audiences for decades. More recently, the two have moved to a television show where they debunk pseudoscience. One of the more unique aspects of their shows is when they show a popular trick, like “Cups and Balls” and show the audience how the trick is done. They then perform a more complex form of the trick, like using transparent cups, to show how the trick is “really done.” Teller almost never speaks during their tricks, and is usually subjected to violence, like being dropped on spikes, run over by an 18-wheeler, or submerged in a tank of water.

#2. Harry Houdini : Harry Houdini, who was active in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, is most famous for being an escape artist. He gained fame by touring Europe, asking different police forces to lock him up at every stop. He would go on to escape a straitjacket while hanging off a skyscraper, a straitjacket from underwater, and being buried alive, which he reportedly barely survived. There were charges that Houdini’s escapes were faked, but Houdini attacked fake magicians throughout his career. The circumstances of his death in 1926 are fittingly dramatic, as a popular story says a college student asked Houdini if his stomach could withstand any punch. Houdini died a few days later from peritonitis, from a ruptured appendix.

#1. David Copperfield : David Copperfield’s long, illustrious career has allowed him to become the most successful solo entertainer in history. At 19, he was headlining a show in a large hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was approached by ABC in 1977 to produce a magic special. In his specials, Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear, floated over the Grand Canyon, and walked through the Great Wall of China. Even at 56, Copperfield still performs many shows a week. He was one of the first magicians to successfully combine amazing magic tricks with great storytelling.

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How to do coin through glass trick!Magic Revealed

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how to do coin through glass trick
How to do coin through glass trick!Magic Revealed

Hi guys Learn how to do coin through glass trick!magic revealed.It is amazing coin trick.You can do this without gimmick
and coin through glass magic trick is very easy cool illusion to perform so you can be done it anywhere and anytime,don’t
waste time learn how to do coin through glass trick!Magic Revealed:)Thanks for watching Please Subscribe with Our Channel
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